attempting to follow the yellow brick road

misadventures of an "artist"

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at the beginning:
i'm a design student trying to survive (read: finish) undergrad and get into grad school...or bail on academia entirely and try to get a job. i work too much and occasionally take myself too seriously. i'm sarcastic and i'm typically scraping to make ends meet. i'm petrified of life after college and my portfolio seminars. i make a mean gumbo but i tend to burn pancakes and eggs.
This journal is to document my "process" and periodic insanity. i need a place where i can be honest with myself without having to edit.

at the moment:
i'm an artisan and designer. i'm in grad school but i still consider bailing on academia almost daily. periodic workaholic, full time cynic and optimist. i'm easily excitable and just as easily distractable. i research compulsively and do anything with that research infrequently. i try to be honest, but sometimes a little drama is needed to get the words to fall into the right tone. i'm still learning to be loyal to myself.